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When you need a photographer and storyteller to venture outside, go somewhere, and inspire you, reach out to me.

Excited to provide striking images that help you transform your brand and improve visibility. Available for client work and help planning your next trip! Send me a message to get started.


Nicholas J. Carroll tells stories in photos, films, and interactive for brands and not-for-profits. Collaborative photographer and editor with a passion for the stories hidden in our natural world. 

Offering photo and video support for expeditions and travel assignments around the world, commissioned works, prints, stock photos, and whatever work feels urgent. 

"I have long been a passionate believer in the power of the outdoors as a transformational and centering force in our lives. I spent more than ten summers at sleepaway camp, including a few in leadership training, before taking the Outdoor Educator Semester with NOLS in Wyoming and Utah, then working in outdoor gear stores. As I grew a little older and found myself on my own trips, I realized that I wanted to tell stories about the adventures waiting out there, so I could inspire others and have a positive impact on the world. I want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their situation, can access and be awed by nature."

Nick is based in Austin, Texas, but will travel for work.

He is a Wilderness First Responder, which is pre-hospital medical training in the context of delayed access to definitive care.

Nick is a Member of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and certified Master Educator in Leave No Trace principles.

Nick is a joint Member of Access Fund and Texas Climbers Coalition.

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More about Nick

Inspired to make immersive storytelling more accessible, he and his team created Kapsul, a hyper-local video storytelling platform that introduces users to the people and events that make a place special.

Nick previously produced events and managed a 300-seat event production space with FIRST at the Google Chicago office. He built relationships with stakeholders to understand requirements and generate estimates. He hired and managed crew, operated equipment, and maintained budgets, resulting in large-scale events delivered at the highest standard of quality.

His background in independent film, theater, and promotional videos further informs his robust technical skills and efficient workflows.

If you need stock photos with striking images of nature and the world around us, view my stock photography at Shutterstock.

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